Paul Reynolds

Co-Founder, Mother Brook Arts & Community Center

Founder, Dedham Public Art Project 

“When the Dedham Public Art Project solicited submissions for the painting of a 5 foot rabbit to raise funds for the Mother Brook Arts & Community Center, we were delighted at the response. While there were many compelling designs submitted, the judging panel was won over by Karyn Alzayer’s irresistible design submission, as well as by her experience with public art, her prolific body of work, demonstrated craftsmanship, and portfolio of other award-winning designs.  

Beyond Karyn's head-turning design & painting of our giant rabbit, Karyn also proved to be a relentless co-marketeer of our project. She created an irresistible persona around “Miss Penelope the Bunny”, and developed a robust social media presence across several platforms. Her talent, cheerful demeanor, and boundless enthusiasm made this collaboration something truly special.” 

Joanna Garren

Local artist and longtime henna client

“I am so impressed with both the quality of Karyn's work, as well as her professionalism.  All of her designs are beautiful and unique.  As a fellow artist, I can tell that she works hard at constantly developing and improving her craft.”